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Canadian Government Executive Radio

Jun 19, 2020

In this episode, Lori Turnbull, deputy editor of CGE, talks with Michael Wernick about Canada's response to COVID-19 and the challenges that lie ahead on rebuilding and opening the economy.

Michael retired in 2019 after a 38-year career as one of the key leaders of Canada’s world-class Federal public service, culminating in his appointment in 2016 as the 23rd Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to Cabinet. He is currently working with MNP as a Strategic Advisor Associate on their Ottawa Federal Government Consulting team.

Hear more about how the lessons learned from SARS and H1N1 will help the government to deal with the current pandemic. What will happen if there is no vaccine in the next few months? How will this affect government and citizens? The burnout question, how people are viewing the challenges of self-isolation. The different approaches of provinces to COVID-19 and the interoperability of information. The shift to digital and how much will remain. Online learning and remote work. Will there be a hybrid model in how we take care of our daily activities like work and school? All this and more on CGE Radio.