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Canadian Government Executive Radio

May 12, 2020

AI is seen as one of the first lines of defence in a pandemic. Given the current situation with COVID-19, hospitals and healthcare facilities are using AI to help screen and triage patients and identify those most likely to develop severe symptoms. The use of data and analytics is also helpful to track and contain diseases.

In this episode, J. Richard Jones talks with Dr. Steve Bennett, Director, Global Government Practice for SAS. As the Global Government Practice lead, Steve Bennett is passionate about helping governments around the world put their data to work for the citizens they serve. In his current role, he drives strategic industry positioning and messaging in global government markets. A thought leader in decision science and the application of analytics in government, Steve works to ensure that analytics solutions at SAS deliver maximum value for governments around the world.

Hear about some of the ways that AI is being used today to combat the coronavirus, the use of AI in fighting a pandemic in the future, some of the lessons we can take from the use of AI during the COVID-19 crisis, the challenges of using AI to detect and possibly contain a pandemic like COVID-19 and how important is data and analytics in tracking and containing a disease outbreak?

To learn more, check out the On-Demand Webinar - Using Analytics to Uncover Hidden Insights in the COVID-19 Outbreak. This webinar will show how analytics techniques like optimization, forecasting and epidemiological modeling can help public health and life sciences companies fight the pandemic.

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