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Canadian Government Executive Radio

Sep 17, 2018

Artificial Intelligence is creating a great stir across many industries today. AI itself has been around for decades, but in the last few years, we have seen a significant advancement of this technology. Many are concerned that it will take jobs away or ultimately harm the human race, while others are more supportive.
In the show today, J. Richard Jones talks with Jason Hermitage, Vice President, Public Sector for Microsoft Canada. Hear about the value of AI and what's the future is like for it, how data and cloud are converging to make AI possible, using AI to help those with disabilities, AI capabilities that Microsoft currently has that can assist a public servant or department to make their work easier, ethics and principles around AI, and Microsoft's investments in Canada for AI and Cloud.
About Jason Hermitage
As Vice President of Public Sector, Jason works with all levels of government to help them apply technology to enable strategic change to their business, cascading to better service delivery for (and on behalf of) Canadians.
Jason’s Microsoft career started in 2002 and has taken him from Redmond, WA, to Fort Lauderdale, FL, to Paris, France before returning to his home in Canada. His work spans from leading the marketing initiatives of Microsoft’s $3B+ Server business to growing the Latin American server business by double digits and serving as the Chief-of-Staff to the President of Microsoft International where he visited 25+ countries each year.
Outside of work, Jason and his wife have three children and he enjoys golf, racquet sports, cooking, and travelling the world with his family.

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