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Canadian Government Executive Radio

Apr 9, 2019

In this episode, J. Richard Jones talks with Jason HermitageVice President of Public Sector for Microsoft Canada. His work involves touching all levels of government to help them apply technology to enable strategic change to their business, cascading to better service delivery for (and on behalf of) Canadians. 

Jason’s Microsoft career started in 2002 and has taken him from Redmond, WA, to Fort Lauderdale, FL, to Paris, France before returning to his home in Canada. His work spans from leading the marketing initiatives of Microsoft’s $3B+ Server business, to growing the Latin American server business by double digits, and serving as the Chief-of-Staff to the President of Microsoft International where he visited 25+ countries each year. 

Jason is one of the speakers at our upcoming CGE Leadership and TechGov Summit taking place in Ottawa on April 24-25. 

In this show, hear more about digital transformation and customer outcomes and case studies in digital transformation that are saving time and increasing productivity. Jason shares more about the recent announcement about Microsoft’s strategic partnership with StatsCan to release building footprints to the OpenStreetMap community. He also delves into Superclusters and the latest in this field, which is opening up new collaborations as never before.  

At the CGE Leadership and TechGov Summit, Jason will talk about the best practices in AI and digital transformation in government by taking a look at what is happening in other countries. He will share more about how organizations can get started in this new wave of technology and how we define the future.  

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